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丁春诚女友|天森康宝"Yes, water attack!" Wei Yan looked at them, "you should know, Yen-ben is a native of Nanyang, The terrain around here is familiar, Nanyang, Although there are no great rivers, But the Luoshui and Hanshui rivers will flow through here, Flooding the city, of course, but if only along the trenches, is more than enough, I just need to find a river, to lead it into the trenches, trenches back and forth, as long as you can bring water, will be enough to add these trenches flat, only need to prepare floating board, jingzhou army without trenches, whether in the field or in the city, and what's the fear? ""Kongming, what do you mean?" Pang Tongyi startled face to zhuge liang.YanYan injury is not too serious, but the old man, injury recovery to slow down a lot, zhang fei this time is rare not ridicule, after all, the guanzhong army crossbow, that is even his second brother have to lose the array.

"Less...""Here!" With guan yu commanded, horn sounded, the wall is bloody fighting jingzhou soldiers heard although don't know what happened, or quickly retreated from the wall, to the west.丁春诚女友|"Kongming if want to come to Deyang overnight, that is very good, you and I have not seen for many years, just hold candle night talk. Pang tong eyes a bright, a face of happy way.

丁春诚女友|"Why did the governor lose so quickly?" Tardif smell speech, can't help but frown at He Qidao.Chapter one hundred and fourteen guan yu woundedFour elite guanzhong rushed into the army, shu army is silent around, watched his master was taken away, but no one dare to resist.

"Why did the general say so?" Tardif and others puzzled to tracing the cause, in their view, guan yu defense is doing well."Hey ~" Wei Yan sneer at 1, also don't nonsense, a wave of his hand directly, instantly hundreds of arrows toward zhang fei.Tardif with military forces all the way to chase, jingzhou soldiers even turned the battle, and experienced a defeat, already sleepy, at the moment was chased, can also run at the beginning, but with the distance between the two sides continue to draw closer, the psychological pressure to accelerate the physical consumption, gradually some can't run.丁春诚女友|




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