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美国十次啦电影|上海期货开户"At that end of this will be don't know, that pretty man, less with my han Chinese, so had to rumor, whether it is true, will not be clear at the end of the day." Yan yan shook his head with a wry smile."Prepare for battle." Pang tong smiled, a ugly face, at the moment is with some unspeakable confidence.Tracing the cause while camping, while sending a horse, search four military intelligence, didn't rashly attack, until the next morning, jiangdong soldiers trim overnight, replenish the energy just life He Qi attack.

"No!" Method is voice just fell, wei yan and pang tong immediately shook his head, after all, lu zheng identity in there, if lu zheng what went wrong, even if they put zhuge liang, liu bei packed together are irreparable, had it not been for lu zheng stubbornly refused, wei yan all want to keep the elite in chengdu."I am indeed clever, at least cleverer than you." Lv Zheng is not annoyed, smiled and said: "But this is not the main reason, better than you also show no ability.""The war, in fact, according to the identity, should be led by me to war zhuge kongming, but my father did not give me this right, even from the beginning, the general power to pang tong is in charge, because I have not even commanded the battle of tens of thousands of people. Speaking of which, Lu Zheng sighed: "Young Chang may not know, Since I was eight years old, He was forced by his father to hide his name to do county collectors, not county magistrates, county collectors, nine years old in the western regions, with hundreds of people long identity conquering the western regions hu, a year, from a small hundred people long has been promoted to the western regions under the general house, personally kill the enemy 246 people, break dayuan thousands of people battle, more participated in the war of dayuan destroy the country. "美国十次啦电影|"Yes."

美国十次啦电影|Chengdu, the agreed time has come, but wu jin and another battalion commander did not appear according to the agreement, ma and a family of the master at the moment can not help but some anxious.After all, in the other side of the camp, there is a method like him like to solve problems outside the battlefield, zhuge liang is worried about which step ma liang took wrong and eventually led to the fall of shu."Tomorrow you take a brigade of elite soldiers secretly fell in port, if guan yu sent troops to retake the port, then rate army and general zhou tai attack guan yu, seize the opportunity to seize the city!" Tracing the cause commanded.

Before he left, he had left a book to tell liu bei, jiangdong, all things have to endure, but he didn't expect, sun quan will kill Chen to, guan ping, one is liu bei rely on the general, one is liu bei's son, guan yu's son.Deyang has given up to zhuge liang, now pang tong with law is retreating to luo county, zhang renshou mianzhu guan, and wei yan is in the fish after, pang tong received the news in chengdu is already the fifth day, is studying how to deal with zhuge liang with law."General, how to do?" Outside the city of nanyang, pound camp, a new round of loss ratio sent up, although most of the dead are mercenaries in the western regions, but even with human life to add, such a long distance, and li yan or layer upon layer of defense tactics, put thirty thousand mercenaries in the western regions, all can't add to the city of nanyang.美国十次啦电影|




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