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京极幼子|雅诗媚尔隐形蜂膜Lyu3 bu4 was about to speak, move suddenly in the heart, only feel suddenly produce a sharp pain in his eyes, in d wondering eyes, lyu3 bu4 covering her eyes, on horseback, vehemently repressed the growing pain, as if eye will burst at any time, for a long time, that sort of tingling just slowly disappear, at the same time, the tip of the ring system in our mind."Well!" < / p > < p > liao hua saw this batch of dead people month kill more fierce, continue to entrench, not only the city guard to be wiped out, the general house will be impacted, no longer hesitate, hello, with the city guard and fight and retreat, under the cover of Yang xi, retreat into the general house door.If not, withdraw!

"Second row, go!Thousands of tu the warriors, see the enemy unexpectedly fight dismounted, more excited, from a distance, is a wave wheel riding and shooting, cold JianCu together into a cluster of arrows rain in the air shut down toward a title of generals in ancient times the camp, rattled only heard a burst of disorderly, JianCu shot on the armor of a warrior, more than half the armor bounce off, even able to break through the first layer of defense, also cannot penetrate.Even though guan hai was not as brave as zhang liao and ma chao, he was also a man who fought with guan yu for 30 years in beihai before he was defeated. In terms of martial arts alone, he was ranked first in line with lu bu.京极幼子|"A joss stick before, spy to report, guzang gate open, a large number of soldiers poured out of the city, look at the northwest direction and go, general, the end will be willing to pioneer, the pursuit of han sui. Ma chao bowed and begged.

京极幼子|< / p > < p > three hundred people in a double ride, lv bu also found a horse, specially responsible for the consignment of their weapons, ghost side halberd weight of 108 jin, lv bu can not bear red rabbit overload, so in daily life is riding another horse, only in wartime, will ride red rabbit.The local rout began to turn on the whole army, but liu bao could not do anything about it, because the main general of this part had been killed by lv bu at the first time. Although he was the temporary commander of the whole army, he did not have a great constraint on the troops under the main generals of the other three parts.On the other side, Addis with dozens of women held captive to hire and return to jingzhou, only to find that many city jingzhou martial law, some ask, cause is not only his own original article employed in xiangyang city captured by zhou cang, etc, the body of a dozen QinBing was soon found that the natural in Addis head, liu table very fury, humble young, running not only make the wind have rain, the jingzhou soldiers lost face, more run to xiangyang city hubbub, immediately ordered the CAI checkpoints everywhere arteries martial law, however, also will give out this group of women, must be punished severely.

"Two hours later, the emissary came, willing to declare his allegiance to our army. At the same time, he invited us to send some strong generals to help garrison the troops. After all, they are Allies.Five men left the city and joined the other soldiers waiting outside. This time they came out with fifty soldiers, selected from the five hundred elite soldiers trained by lu bu.Thirty six countries in western regions, in fact, a city is mostly some countries, between each other, influence also is uneven, bamboo in the han dynasty, is a small city, a total of population but also thousands of people, can have bumps in the army, was not bad, but the western regions, nor without power, qiuci, big moon people, dayuan is a large country with hundreds of thousands or even millions of people.京极幼子|




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