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鞍山铁通千山影院|小型颗粒包装机"This is... An order to ride an hussar?" Hand was immediately a change, it is to a title of generals in ancient times the lyu3 bu4 private production, a title of generals in ancient times to the existence of lu bu, and only a few of sealing the general of a general and the chang 'an sentinels and know that it doesn't make any sense in front of ordinary people, but for the man who knows the gold MEDALS, a title of generals in ancient times makes a anyone see that such as lu bu, must be unconditional."That's right." Jia xu nodded with a smile and turned his head to see the direction of the same workshop. He sighed: "the world takes the craftsman as the base industry, but he doesn't want to be in the hands of the Lord. However, he has the means to turn waste into treasure.""What do you want? Hiring a thorn flushed by Addis sentence, but unable to refute, blasted asked, these women's horse is really good, if just want to go, hire people more, also can only be eaten ashes behind somebody else's ass, now calm down, what also don't know if I was the woman to tease, and anger in the heart, is shocked, it jumped out from where so much of a woman?

Chapter 45 li ru's tacticsHost name: lv bu鞍山铁通千山影院|Zhaoyun doubt saw pang tong one eye, some not quite clear this appearance some special man and lv lingqi is what relation after all, not quite like lv bu to send to assist the person, unluckily in weekdays quite a few crazy elegant demeanor.

鞍山铁通千山影院|"The last general!" Ma chao excitedly a fist, got the order to turn around and go."Well!" Ten hussar guards quickly dragged away the screaming officer."Still want to be general?"

"Well, that's a rough man." Zhang liao nodded. This aguli was of great size, placed among a group of generals, and had the feeling of standing out from the crowd.Yue shi, tu each add the Wolf qiang now, han people in step by step annex these big tribes, establish their own forces in the grasslands.Female soldiers were stopped outside the camp, even as the daughter of lu bu, unless the special permission of lu bu, otherwise there is no qualification to lead the troops into the camp.鞍山铁通千山影院|




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