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fset324|赵长龙Red rabbit felt the host's anger in the build-up, constantly improve their own speed, when zhang yan and others to react, one horse has rushed to the front, the black ghost days ji asing if really can have a changing of the ghosts and gods, moment will be the front shield soldier sweep out a gouges where whole pieces were missing, red hare no reduction, suddenly rushed into the wing, where it is freeze with Xu Ding location, also is the weakest part of military defense in Montenegro.Old man named zheng xuan, secondary personal name yasunari, NaiDong in the han Confucian classics, lyu3 bu4, it seems, at the same time is also a great educator, fame, and even are higher than the basis in a few minutes, the eastern han dynasty last years, the article, there are three king of zheng xuan and sorted in three jun, this is the north sea, the battle of guandu, spent to jizhou forcefully by the lombardi life yuan tan, with momentum, gloomily, easily and, later, lyu3 bu4 soldiers out of the taihang mountains, promote the land equalization policy, chance encounters poor and sick of zheng xuan, thanks to hua tuo in the side, with lyu3 bu4 costly to achievement points to exchange a Dan medicine, in order to be the old soul to keep.Zhang he nodded, a push REINS, against the people towards lyu3 bu4 army killed in the past, in the hands of steel into little scattered, and lead, the slave troops brotherhood of the Wolf, the kill no one can block, kill a way out, straight at the chaos army, Yang was young guns, harsh voice way: "HeJian zhang he here, lyu3 bu4, dare to war with me! ?"

Even if the original lu lingqi jingxiang, to a large extent also because of the help of pang tong, in the early stage, has been in a state of disorder, later under the guidance of pang tong, to rely on the horse power will CAI MAO play around, at this time no familiar with jingxiang terrain pang tong in the side, lu lingqi is helpless."Oh, this is clearly to demonstrate!" Lyu3 bu4 closed his eyes with a snort of cold, a long time, just slowly open, nods: "and do good, servant and a title of generals in ancient times ten battalion of soldiers in their hands, it is not war, and, more importantly, we know nothing about taihang mountain, behind it, whether to have the figure of cao cao or lombardi, if any, rushed in bad things instead.""What is the Lord going to do?" Jia xu looked at lu bu.Ye cheng, do not know lv bu has been unwittingly quietly approaching the yuan ying people, with the death of yuan shao, a struggle within the yuan camp opened the curtain.fset324|"Dang dang dang ~"

fset324|The magnificent sea in the city has been waiting for the impatient, was about to ask, but see the gate suddenly opened slowly, the heart can not help but a happy.Hanyoung marksmanship, freaky prospective, with a strange strength, often after a spear out, not only can not solve, it will be hanyoung will play back strength, by means of singular let zhang liao is very afflictive, compared to zhaoyun, this old marksmanship is almost into strength, even after feeling, even lyu3 bu4, sheet is martial arts, all is not necessarily the old rivals, but but also for the hanyoung, four two dial one thousand jins should have four, zhang liao is lyu3 bu4 to strengthen a two times, strength, is close to the body constitution limit, low especially in marksmanship, with a war decisive qi, and martial arts power is also quite good, is good at the beginning, But after a long time, some can not bear.

"Well, wait for him for a month, wait for us to take luoyang, and then take good care of xu sheng that si!" Zhang fei of hate brandished fist head, in the heart to xu sheng this one arrow enemy was written down.This s, can be really han people, for many grassland man, be a good choice, after all, man struggles upwards, short life, grasslands where comparable to ease of han Chinese, so this time, the slaves under the deterrence of lyu3 bu4, didn't want to in the past, each trying to kill contributions, be lyu3 bu4's true fighters."If yuan shao were to perish, jizhou would fall apart!" Jia xu did not understand the fate, but gave his objective evaluation, if lv bu is the truth, that according to the information collected in these days, yuan shao's eldest son yuan tan and the third son yuan shang, will inevitably because of the loss of the child and conflict.fset324|





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