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颜回的志向歌求购不锈钢水箱"Dang-Dang-Dang-Dang ~""I have given up my men once, must not give up again, otherwise, in the future, and what face to see those who died for me!" Guan Yu said this firmly, looking coldly at tardif closer and closer, snapped: "soldiers, all stand up for me, we are soldiers, behind the scars, is a disgrace to the soldiers!"Lieutenant smell speech eyes a bright, promised 1, began to command the flag officer.

However, the Central Plains are different from other regions, the city, the terrain and the generals' quality and resilience were much better than those of the fragmented Hu tribes outside the region, Five creek pretty that leader although it seems to have no brains, but behind the zhuge liang but even pang tong to be vigilant characters, like today is a strange, if not wei yan with meter shoot sand mo ke, even if finally won, I'm afraid the loss is much greater than now."General, what are they doing?" Nanyang city, a few jingzhou generals puzzled look at li yan, don't understand pound this is what medicine to sell.The one hundred and second chapter dragon sing fengming (I)颜回的志向歌"As for prosperous times, if there is a chance, kongming really should go to changan for a walk, just know what prosperous times! What is ten thousand states to dynasty." Said finally, pang tong couldn't help laughing, ten years ago, who could have thought of changan today's spectacle, countless foreigners to join the han dynasty as a pride, many small countries, but also prefer to join the family, this external attraction and centripetal force, from ancient times to the present, never appeared.

颜回的志向歌"After this retreat, morale has been drained, and there is no point in fighting again. First we will finish the night, and then tomorrow we will fight again." Guan yu shook his head, retreat back to camp.Must hurry back as soon as possible, now that has torn face, and has captured the yu zhang, the urgent matter of the moment, also can only muster, before sun quan failed to all the strength, the jiangdong flat, as for shu...Ma smiled and said: "The general rest assured that the families have agreed to this matter, tonight is general lee and general xie yun responsible for guarding the city, after we will be square, wang yuan won, then led troops into the city, the general when control of the four doors, in case the lyu3 zheng escaped."

"This..." Liu Xiewen speech, can't help but smother, that is to say, the loss, he can only eat, not only did not exchange for any benefits, finally also fell a no, looked at cao cao that look like an idiot, Liu Xie only feel difficult to sit.Even crossbows continue to shoot out, constantly hapless soldiers in the arrow fell to the ground, the rear soldiers quickly picked up rattan shield, continue to move forward, in case, zhang fei is not two rattan shield stack, but will be three rattan shield stack together, even into the range of 50 steps, the guanzhong army crossbow still failed to penetrate rattan shield."But Langzhong military forces and Chengdu military forces are down, the six thousand guanzhong military forces in fact did not fight a battle into the shu, now in their hands, in addition to the six thousand military forces, there are one hundred and thirty thousand stationed in Langzhong military forces." The ministry will bow.颜回的志向歌




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