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电视剧沃土|热巴罗布膏< / p > < p > the head of the class is lv bu in chang 'an began to spread, most of the lv bu implementation of elite policy, eliminated the soldiers placed in place to maintain local order."Yo ~""Cough cough ~" Yang fu one mouthful of tea gushed out, turned a head to see maid one eye, su rong way: "this words can't nonsense."

Not surprisingly, lu xun and gu shao did not mention the alliance, but hoped to open trade with chang 'an, allowing trade between jiangdong caravans and chang 'an."Hey ~" zhang eight snake spear gently pick, only listen to a jingling sound, the heavy gun shadow dissipated, long gun spinning son inverted fly out, then the hand shake, CAI MAO so helplessly watching the snake spear from his closer and closer, with the impact of the horse, fierce hole through his chest.In the face of zhang fei and other famous for many years, cut will capture the flag, often in the chaotic army to take the head of the general of the top raptors, his martial arts is only some fire just.电视剧沃土|"There must be a limit to ignorance." Ma chao sneered and said, "didn't you ever hear the name of god of war on the silk road?"

电视剧沃土|"From this moment on, you are my brother!" CAI MAO say that finish, in front of the figure of a good shape, zhang fei has taken a large group of people rushed over, CAI mansion flame too zhao eyes.The other party can say these things, no matter how to say, this matter is also a branch meeting lv bu 1."Sent to check around, sent a hawk, closely monitor the movement of xia houyuan, and sent to zhangshui upstream to establish a camp, the daily pigeon to report the military situation. Zhang liao sneers at way, in those days lv bu ate the deficit on this, he can't repeat the same mistake.

"Zi Yang said easy, but how to block? Xia houyuan said with a bitter smile, the attack of the crossbow but solid, let alone flesh and blood, even thunderbolt car, under the attack of the crossbow, only four or five together, will be reduced to a ruin.Chapter 11 solicitation failureCao cao (though failed to produce even crossbows, but these years, cao cao has been improving the crossbow, cooperate with some captured lyu3 bu4 strong crossbow study over there, cao cao hands now although not many innovative things, but the han dynasty of rhubarb crossbow, the most powerful three catapult can reach four hundred steps, is two catapult range has exceeded two hundred steps, although is single, and the loading was also more difficult, but at least on the range, can suppress the crossbow.电视剧沃土|




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