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叛逆肩垫|金匮糖方Today's books, mostly to bamboo paper to record, even if want to write more, also have to hand-copied, time-consuming don't say, more need a large number of readers to help, alone this, lyu3 bu4 currently can't do.But the martial arts side, Candidate in know guarding city general is a young general, Light enemy rushed in, ate a small loss, was Chen xing night attack, almost bombing camp, after knowing that guarding city generals difficult to deal with, candidate also completely put out the idea of storming martial arts, with twenty thousand to three thousand, storming words can naturally take, but the loss must be huge, it is better to preserve the strength, as for the court can make the difference, hey, who cares."Meng Qi, make Ming." Looking at them, Marten said with a smile, "This time the Han court came to make envoys, and asked me to join forces with your uncle Wen Yue to beg for the thief Lv Bu, for the father has promised them, to take Meng Qi as the main general, to make the Ming vice, led the troops twenty thousand, to cooperate with the imperial army, to beg for Lv Bu."

Oil lamp under the flame, Korea hence again looked at the hands of the appointment document.Yang Wang looked at the crowd, sink a track: "I have promised to recruit general west, fully assist him, but if the soldiers in the family to go to war, the internal will be empty, this person is not willing to share the road with us, will certainly harbor evil intentions, if we take advantage of the emptiness of the family, he took the opportunity to attack, what should be good?" So we must do it first, and his people will be divided among them. ""Master, I didn't expect lyu3 bu4 will react so quickly, so, want to gather d, and much more difficult." Hanyang, ji county, into GongYing liang xing sent intelligence to Korea hence way.叛逆肩垫|"Fight to the death, brothers!" Jun hou raised his pike, angry roared, harsh voice drink a way.

叛逆肩垫|Chapter 18 bloodstained robeCao Peng nodded should be, but in the heart is not satisfied with both mouth, hum two times, no longer speak.Lyu3 bu4 looked at the map Han De pointed out the location, nodded and said: "Notify d, let him bring troops to meet herding horse slope, in addition, send someone to inform seibel, zhang liao, cioffi, as soon as possible to the border migration of troops, to wuwei formation of the encirclement! Order the whole army, three more tomorrow, five more, must not be mistaken!"

Lyu3 bu4 looked at the village has been in the past, nodded, indeed, compared to changan area thousands of miles away from people, bones exposed in the wild, this place in hanoi, is definitely a sacred place on earth, lyu3 bu4 all the way from xuzhou, perhaps only nanyang can compare with one.Matthew smell speech, frown nodded, but in the heart, still unable to let go, whispered: "father, the heart of the people must not be without, it is better to let the iron brother with people stay outside the city, I wait to enter the city."With his back to lyu3 bu4, can't see appearance, but in terms of body, or good, think about the position of ZuoXianWang in the huns, can become his concubine, beauty is not too bad, no wonder can let HanDe these veterans color enchanted.叛逆肩垫|




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