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非常了得陈星光TST维多利雅效果Liu Gan's most valiant fighters, so in the moment of battle, died in each other's hands, make Liu Gan's all the huns soldiers fell into a dead silence in an instant."Yes." Marotta smell speech, helpless a sigh, nodded, no longer words."At the end of the day he will lead his life."

Cao Peng nodded should be, but in the heart is not satisfied with both mouth, hum two times, no longer speak.Suddenly, drinking water cattle and sheep looked up and began to irritably sound, the earth, accompanied by a thunderous sound of hoofs, the whole prairie as if in this moment fell into turmoil.Cao Cao-wen nodded and looked at Guan Yu. "Just do it. Today it's for Cloud Leader. Let's put everything else aside for a while."非常了得陈星光"General Meng Qi's experience, I also very sympathetic." Looking at Ezra Pound, Marotta said quietly: "But will not be angry and rise, as a master of the army, the body is the success or failure of an army, how can a personal affair mixed in the army? This is also the master chose the general instead of general Meng Qi's reason."

非常了得陈星光"Well, it's been arranged." Cao Cao nodded and rubbed his temples. "At the beginning, we should have waited for some time, so that we could deploy it calmly, but we should not slacken off," he said. "What about the supervision of hay and grain?"The most let call hutch springs humiliated is now, he still doesn't know this suddenly appeared in the hetao of the han people exactly what origin."Uncle, do you know him?" The north palace from anxiously looked at cioffi, and looked at lu bu: "let him go, we leave immediately."

"Here!" Chen xing, zhou cang qi qi led the life, step out, lyu3 bu4 will look at the party allow, although the person is slippery, but eloquence is good, if you can use well, also calculate a talent, but be careful with, this kind of person is also the best at steering, both sides."Notice carefully, closely monitor lyu3 bu4 trend." Korea hence frowned, according to the information before, lyu3 bu4 is not without brave, west cool side so big movement, he had no reason to have no reaction."Kill!" These knights are korean hence QinWei, at the moment know will die, sent a thunderous roar, toward d kill.非常了得陈星光




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