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女子无殇19楼|黑龙江旅游职业学院"What do you want me to wait for, sir?" Soon, four people followed XiongKuoHai into ZhongJun handsome account, but see marotta is holding a sheepskin scroll in the look, with some excitement on his face, all unlike normal cold and calm.Lyu3 bu4 didn't answer, male broad sea words is basically what he currently knows, but look at the meaning of giffin, obviously there is a secret.

"What is sincerity?" Withdraw his eyes, lyu3 bu4 asked with a smile.The most let call hutch springs humiliated is now, he still doesn't know this suddenly appeared in the hetao of the han people exactly what origin."You don't look at me, but Jia intended to assassinate Sun Ce, but failed twice, this can succeed in assassinating Sun Ce, but it is someone else to help." Country will put down the glass in his hand, see two people completely distrust eyes, innocent shrugged: "Jia in which role, but also homeopathic, advice, add fuel to the flames."女子无殇19楼|"Master rest assured!" Hand a straight chest, awe-inspiring way.

女子无殇19楼|"Bao ~" did not wait for Xu Sheng to answer, is a small school came in, loudly way: "General, d angel pound to see."Poof-poof-poof ~""All right, brave enough." Lyu3 bu4 smiled and nodded, "How many people can you bring?"

"Dogs and thieves! I swear to kill you!" Marten eyes canthus to crack, looked at Korea hence, gnashing teeth."It's not that it's hard to control, but nobody really thinks about it. A lot of things are forced out." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and said: "People have no foresight, there will be immediate worries, these people, are the foundation of our future, do more now, after the future stabilized, at least in the land of Beijing, our foundation will be more stable."Although each soldier in front of d is basically killed, but ultimately it takes time, d's speed, was slowed down a lot, gradually by the surge of Korea hence army fighters.女子无殇19楼|




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