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啕球封喷|舒丽美片Sun ce during his lifetime, Jiang Dongjun water army is not rich, but with a forge ahead, if sun ce can hand-in-hand with Carthage, established foothold in the central plains, even after confronting with Carthage, with sun ce boldness and skill, also won't be crushed by lombardi, but for now, jiangdong under the guidance of sun quan, conservative, look from jiangdong strategy is also take jingzhou, shu, and then three points in the plan, then maybe not like lu bu to plot the central plains, gave lyu3 bu4 that then forgotten."Since my husband is engaged, I have to leave." Big Joe quickly stood up, bowed to lv bu way, even now is no longer a slave as lv bu's vent tool, but the ceremony of the hussars riding mansion or to keep, the woman can not interfere in politics, this is the rules of the hussars riding mansion, even noble as liu yun, also not.

"General! Old hu monk some anger, look at lu bu way: "since the general advocate hundred schools of thought contend, my buddhist is not included in this?""The general is mighty! A group of changan soldiers raised their weapons in excitement and shouted loudly."Close the gate! Retreat!" The little school hummed and ordered the retreat.啕球封喷|Arrows rain did not continue to attack, britons and others very carefully will head out of the wall, but see each other again to contract formation, under the name zhang flag made back to the wall, toward Zhang Ludao: "my master a pre-announced, enemy, this is the ritual, to show our strength to make you, if you really stubborn, will direct our army siege, my general three hour time, to make the king within three hours, so you can do anything, but if three hour, make you haven't decided, our army will impose siege!"

啕球封喷|"Husband ~" big qiao jiao Chen saw lv bu one eye, but know lv bu although say so, but in the bottom of one's heart, to lv lingqi this daughter but very proud of, don't see now so say, but if have an outsider dare to say try?The vision is not looked toward jia xu."Blaring! "Shouted the red-faced man, turning a blind eye to the knives and guns pointed at him.

"No, my Lord! The steward's voice was shrill and shrill."Oooooo oooooo oooooo"Zhaoyun quickly turn the horse head, again kill back, the silver gun will be a cao will directly hit the head fly, another cao will see blink of an eye four companions died, have been terrified, which dare to fight, while zhaoyun hit the partner of the gap, turn the horse head toward the driving door ran away.啕球封喷|




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