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51up公务员|木枣口服液"Who are you, presumptuous, who dare to call Shaozhu taboo!" Guan Yong stepped forward and snapped."Yes." Ma took a deep breath, looked at lyu3 zheng, but in the heart is bitter, lyu3 bu4 fierce power is still in, but his son has begun to show lofty.Chapter one hundred and sixteen lost YinLing

"Zi Yi." Tracing the cause and looked at tardif."Yes, your men are almost dead." Lu Zheng nodded and sat straight in the square seat, square consciously out of the way.Glancing at the soldiers gathered behind him, Lu Su took a deep breath and looked at them with a smile. "Guan Yun-chang," he said, "is no more than that."51up公务员|Yin ling city is not YiqueGuan, lu su although fierce, but guarding city soldiers obviously can't compare with the elite of the guanzhong, also don't lyu3 bu4 in the western regions of those believers general fanatics dauntless courage to die, in guan yu's view, to break Yin ling, really not difficult.

51up公务员|"Go!" Guan yu stuffy hum 1, will the surge of anger pressure down, with the troops to the direction of YinLing gallop."Originally under Liu Xuande, are such only know good fight malicious ACTS, so, I will rest assured!" Zhang ren also not angry, just lukewarm back.At the beginning, the two sides also willed their own tricks, want to make a quick decision, but soon found that it was no use, in the face of the same level of opponents, and know each other's roots, more importantly, nearly two hundred thousand troops at this moment has been fully launched, canine teeth staggered, you have me and you, forming a tangled situation.

"Scholars!" Wei yan stared at pang tong, this is when, and the mind to care about rattan shield."Er..." Ma Su speechless, their feelings have lost from the beginning, whether they can control chengdu, the front of hay can't be broken."To wait and see." Pang tong stood up and looked at zhang fei, hey smile: "the next time we meet, I'm afraid it won't be so friendly."51up公务员|





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