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强胜火源游戏|法国清脂酵素Zhaoyun has never heard of the word, but its general meaning is understandable: "go and find Mr. Yishan."'yes! Liu biao nodded, indifferent way: "you my husband and wife's predestined relationship has done, I also don't block you, from go.""Thank you, Lord! Many of the hussars who had family affairs and a face excited to lu bu hand way, this can be tantamount to accompany the prince reading, such as lu zheng adult, these people can be lu zheng's confidants.

'stop it! < / p > < p > see lu lingqi gradually critical, zhaoyun also can not care about other, hao longdan a shock, guan yu's broadsword swing open, flying horse channeling past, a gun to stop zhang fei zhang eight snake spear, lu lingqi take advantage of the momentum of a shot stabbed, zhang fei hurriedly a hide, arm was cut open a wound."Fengxiao." Cao cao quickly stepped forward to help guo jia clap backup, for his smooth gas, for a long time, guo jia stopped coughing."Military affairs are no laughing matter!" Gao shun thick eyebrow one xuan, frowning way: "Lord's decision, not my ability control."强胜火源游戏|"Father." Liu qi was not willing to pull liu biao's sleeve, his eyes red and swollen.

强胜火源游戏|"Han sheng, the former jun Ming (liu pan) recommended you to me, at that time thought han sheng old, can not be used, today we know han sheng lian Po yong. Liu biao smiled and helped huang zhongdao up.A few times of confrontation, pound natural recognize yuan xi, see him at the moment, the heart is not surprised against joy, if you can cut yuan xi, it is easier to create chaos, the tiger roar, rushed to yuan xi, the mouth of the harsh shouted: "yuan xi children, die!Three days before the thought of lv bu sent him to be responsible for the criminal investigation of the case, pang tong was a big fire but nowhere to vent.

Zhou cang wen yan shan did not say, Keats can complain, lu bu can not be with women about these, but he is not the same.To yesterday, even gao shun also intervened in the war situation, surprise attack meng jin, want to drive cao cao's forces out of luoyang, but was cao ren see through, the failure.强胜火源游戏|




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