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小宝寻爱网东京波乐美乳霜But the thought of never seeing that bloodstained robe on the battlefield again, But always stood up, the shoulders of a daughter's home, to pick up the western regions this should be a man's burden, the once independent city head, contempt for the city of children, but with a slim body, to face thousands of women alone, zhaoyun heart a burst of pain, but his steps are firm as before.D took a deep breath, the flame of hatred in his chest down, after a year of practice under lyu3 bu4, his character has been calm a lot, to giffin hand a gift way: "strategist rest assured, at the end of the trip, must be more careful, will never bad master event."Zhang Gu Wenyan said, eyes a move, wry smile way: "General forgive me, the city hay has been moved by two generals, now the city, also only the people have some hay in hand, or XiaGuan help general..."

"Eldest brother, no, that zhang he won't chase!" Ma Dai led the military forces out of the north twenty miles, and d meet, wry smile way: "This man martial arts outstanding, I am not its opponent."Hetao movement, nature escaped but already always pay attention to hetao movement zhang he, at noon, there have been scouts to quote, lyu3 bu4 pioneer army is fast arrived."Quick, kill him!" Regardless of their mess appearance was seen, he dry patriarch struggled to sit up from the horse, looking at each other, mournful roared.小宝寻爱网东京In the past, No matter what Addis did, Even in the Western Regions, He didn't even feel that way, Because even further apart, lyu3 bu4 also know, if you really want to see her daughter, at any time, but now, that kind of sudden arrival of loneliness, let lyu3 bu4 finally realized why so many fathers see son-in-law not pleasing to the eye, now lyu3 bu4 is that feeling, in addition, at this moment, he suddenly some homesick.

小宝寻爱网东京Chapter sixteen three-legged trend"Poof ~" coss spit out the unknown grass roots in his mouth, took a look at the direction of the tiger fastened shut, A fierce battle, wei loss how don't know, but he brought five thousand military forces has been less than three thousand, is a heavy loss, cao cao main force at the moment of the northern expedition, also can't transfer to him too many military forces stormed tiger fastened shut, the guy named wei is not weak, with this point in his hand, want to conquer tiger fastened shut, is like crazy.In the camp, The women who were robbed, Almost got used to life here, In this strife-torn prairie, A woman's way of life is to cling to the strong, Born and bred, they were used to the law of the jungle, and did not show much resistance. The whole tribe had now been restored to its ecology, with men herding cattle and sheep outside and women doing meticulous work in the stockade, making leather armor for their men. The whole tribe looked quiet and peaceful, with a sense of prosperity.

"It's not too late to start tonight." Lyu3 bu4 sink a track.General contention, Sometimes in situations of similar strength, It's all about momentum, Horizontal afraid of leng, Leng afraid of not fatal, and d at the moment, to zhang he feeling is not fatal, shy life in the heart, momentum suddenly withered a lot, gradually suppressed by d, plus ma dai, horse iron swept aside, at first two people quite nothing, but at the moment momentum a vent, two people brought pressure really fell on zhang he."Oh?" Giffin smell speech look a move, hurriedly way: "Quick, show up."小宝寻爱网东京




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