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堰兽餐巾纸机器"Who are you under? Why are there only these people?" The door of the camp was not closed, no one would think that the dozen people can do any harm, just look at the dozen food trucks, let the general of the camp for the other side of the boss is not satisfied, never seen so irresponsible.Master pu, who was standing at the side, shook his head and said, "Mr. Ma provided us with an important way to make the crossbows, together with the help of several skillful craftsmen from the western regions. Without him, we could not make the crossbows."This rumor is somewhat exaggerated, but there is no denying that, if asked where the world will have so a group of women so badly, that there is no doubt that only lyu3 bu4 hands, I am afraid, there will be such a force, that is, in fact, lyu3 bu4, already in yecheng have to decorate, the women is just one of them, will also have other decorate what I don't know? Zhang he dared not go on thinking.

Listen to lv bu to complain at the moment, immediately wry smile way.Confucianism advocated the rule of virtue, which seems to run counter to the rule of law advocated by legalists, but in fact, it is not the same. The rule of virtue requires everyone to be a moral sage.The next morning, lu bu summoned Chen gong, li ru and jia xu.堰兽"This old marksmanship has a lot of grace." Zhang liao frowns and says: "your Ming jiu town huguan, have you ever heard of this person?"

堰兽Disappointed, very disappointed!"Well!" The more xi mercilessly nodded his head and strode away.The so-called enemy met zhang he, but the anger accumulated in his chest out, more and more brave, to the end, almost brandished a stick to oute zhang he in running, fortunately, the qinkuo hai timely rescue, was hit by more than ten xiongkuo hai, after all, zhang he was rescued.

Under the leadership of the example, more and more black mountain thief kneels down to lv bu, even if did not kneel down, also dare not have the least bit redundant movement at the moment.The great fire blazed up, and within ten miles of it, it seemed as if the sky were red.< / p > < p > the second wave of soldiers have also been under the cover of gao shun, successfully landed again, this time the soldiers did not go ashore, under the command of gao shun, constantly to the yuan army with a bow and arrow to the rear pouring arrows, a piece of the yuan army in no shelter, in crowded was taken away from the sky in the arrow cluster.堰兽




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