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斗战神腾讯爱玩命格|香港进口报关Baling, wei camp, when zhong yao saw wei camp, he noticed something was wrong.A victory did not let cao cao self-inflated, he is very clear, don't say yan liang brought hundreds of military forces and not fold here, even if yan liang annihilated, cao cao also will never think the situation will be reversed, now lombardi still control the trend, this is not a victory can be reversed.

"Morpheus lyu3 bu4 already have the heart of planning liangzhou?" Cheng Gongying smell speech not exclaimed."A flat wife?" Lyu3 bu4 nodded, this is a political marriage: "according to the text and said.""This father let us try to cooperate with jun, where is jun now?" Candidate since a step ahead, d also can't, the military forces in Korea hence account for the most, quite Korea hence reuse, now the two sides or allies, horse supernatural is not good to tear face skin.斗战神腾讯爱玩命格|

斗战神腾讯爱玩命格|"If you do, you will succeed!" Said Mr. Li with a smile.Gudu ~Lyu3 bu4 in the lead, The red hare roared like a tiger leopard, Make the enemy horses more panic, nearly ten thousand troops, led by lyu3 bu4, like a sharp dagger, stabbed into the chest and abdomen of the xiongnu army has fallen into chaos, let this because of a decision-making error of hutch springs into chaos of the xiongnu army completely from chaos to rout.

"But these methods are only suitable for the West Cool." The country laughs: "If in the central plains, with lyu3 bu4 fame, not so easy to accomplish, if really dare to follow this, the future will die without burial place.""Korea hence." Giffin thought: "marten father and son, although brave, but too strong is easy to fold, with the means of the korean agreement, will not openly belligerent." If direct military forces, forces were reduced Korea hence is by no means the rivals of the horse's father and son, Korea hence is a wise man, will not do so.The identity of a royal family, absolutely can enhance lyu3 bu4 in the heart of the family, can also to a certain extent for lyu3 bu4 before the reputation of a lot of whitening, just...斗战神腾讯爱玩命格|




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