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爱在暴风的日子电视剧|开天雷General mansion lobby, giffin, marotta, Chen Gong three people stand in front of lyu3 bu4, looking at Chen Gong face serious look, lyu3 bu4 smiled and said: "let me guess, cao cao and lombardi war, or west cool change?"No answer, or simply don't bother to answer, the han colluded with the huns invaded han jiangshan, in the eyes of the han people is extremely sinful, but in the eyes of these grassland tribes, but there is no such difference, the moon people are attached to the han, instead, with the huns have a feud, the so-called collusion nature can't stand....

"Lyu3 bu4 how many people?" Roughly listened to each other's explanation, d frown way, first break Mei county, burning granaries, and back to the ambush, array chop hou don't say, the twenty thousand west cool army is not clay pinched."Lyu3 bu4, do you really want to catch me?" Korea hence some depressed patted the table, If lyu3 bu4 retreat, Korea hence can take advantage of jincheng, west gansu, plus wuwei, as long as the three counties in hand, can barely support their army, and then gradually south, step by step will drive lyu3 bu4 out of the west is cool, but unfortunately, lyu3 bu4 in know the huns south, unexpectedly also with nails in the shepherd slope, make Korea hence the main force dare not move."What?" Lyu3 bu4 face a change, The first reaction is Chen Gong rebellion, why not will changan's few remaining troops to this side, but a careful thought is unlikely, don't talk about what loyalty and disloyalty, thousands of miles into the war all followed, see to win, have their own inheritance, Chen Gong no reason to betray themselves, frown at Addis way: "What happened?"爱在暴风的日子电视剧|In the case of high-speed mercedes-benz, even if want to retreat, also need a time, and so rashly issued a retreat order, the result of the huns, is absolutely catastrophic blow, let thirty thousand originally aggressive army suddenly fell into chaos.

爱在暴风的日子电视剧|"Here!" Side of the marquis promised to 1, send someone to clean up the battlefield, wei yan is with a large team, to bully ling direction, now, also only zhong yao this one has not been solved."Seibel will be the main, led by ten thousand troops, starry night to huaili, martial arts, maoling line of defense, must not be wrong!""Brother Yang, take it easy." Giffin smiled and waved. "Brother Yang doesn't have to be paranoid," he said. "My master came here to show his sincerity. He only brought a team of Qinwei, less than a hundred people."

Zhang Xiu and Ezra Pound scattered, each with a team of Qinwei, in the hands of a gun will be a tent to pick open, but also do not love to fight, galloping around the barracks, harsh voice way: "All the troops can not love to fight, with me to kill!""Kill!" D eyes, flashed a faint cold light, make no secret of his intention to kill the candidate, if not for the bastard, even Mei county hay was burned, oneself also have now stood in the city of huaili, enjoy the fruits of victory, rather than like a lost dog like now connect to the hay of the armed forces can't get out."Wen-hsiang's personality is calm and exquisite. Three thousand of your troops are stationed in the three cities, and the others are following me on the march to Hsin-feng." Seibel sink a track.爱在暴风的日子电视剧|





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