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锤锤ol祥芝灵"Uncle, these children... Gu shao xiangyang fu, do not understand the way."Always try." Xia houyuan nodded, and on the table, someone had drawn the current pattern of ye city in front of xia houyuan."Well!" < / p > < p > the soldiers agreed, soon, Yang ren with Yang bo was marched to the front.

The vision is not looked toward jia xu."Your husband should put state first." Sable cicada shake head, gentle way."If he were eighteen now, would madame be at ease with this?" Lv bu asked with a smile.锤锤ol"Well!" The generals and admirals hurriedly agreed and retired.

锤锤olIs not kuai more do, has not been important, but the CAI and kuai home of this hatred is completely formed, he wanted to destroy the kuai home, kuai home also want to CAI home uprooted, the final result, but it is mutually destructive, the former four families decline, this is probably liu bei most want the result?"One of those assassins was captured and has now confessed." Zhang liao disdains a way."I take orders!" Xun you bowed and nodded.

Looking at lv zheng's worried face, lv bu smiled: "afraid?"The memory of the body with lyu3 bu4 to now fully combines the original memory, lyu3 bu4 natural know Zang bully, then Zang bully is nominally lyu3 bu4 department, but in fact station troops evil, listen to don't listen to xuan, lu bu had packed the yuan, was ready to play, high-altitude even Zang bully was eventually Zang bully hard hit in the face and dusty Pi returned.< / p > < p > zhang fei wen speech, the dissatisfaction of the mumble two words, he just do not believe huang zhong has what true ability, did not expect in the end to put his pocket in.锤锤ol




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