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日本林志玲叫什么|必力吉怎么样"Lord, what brings you here?" Yi que pass, in charge of yi que pass war pang DE and wei yue stepped forward, after paying homage to lu bu, some puzzled to see lu bu.However, once jiang xia took this road, he could cut off the rear road of jiang dong's army and horses by water at any time if he wanted to, which was equivalent to handing over the fate of his army to his opponent. Neither sun quan nor zhou yu could accept such a thing, so the negotiations between the two sides reached an impasse.The principle is not hard to guess!

"Crossbow fire at the enemy's rear, sword and shield, shield attack!" Seeing that close combat was inevitable, gao shun ordered crossbowmen to pour arrows into the enemy's rear array, and at the same time, two thousand sword and shield men quickly formed a small square of ten or eight men, did not fall back and began to advance toward the cao army's infantry square."Kill!""Dang dang dang ~"日本林志玲叫什么|"Commander." The party was escorted to zhou yu's side and ordered back to him.

日本林志玲叫什么|"Peng ~""Well ~" in the hall, there was a cold voice, then calm again, as if the voice just appeared is an illusion."Tai! Bully too much, that little thief stay away!" Cao xiu, livid, took off his bow and tried to shoot the maniac down with an arrow.

"The baby has a big voice." Huang zhong sneers at 1, in the hand sink sand knife 1 Yang, toward sun yi way: "come on, if you can lead my 3 he, calculate old husband lose!""Clean up after use, don't leave trouble!" Lv bu glanced at ford and waved his hand.Zhang fei is a little angry, this little white face is already dead obviously, but still fight life with life, even those people around him, also be brave not afraid of death rush up.日本林志玲叫什么|




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