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洪武双雄|黔商互联"What sin is there?" Although li fu was ignorant and incompetent, he was an old hand in officialdom. He naturally saw li ping, but how could he remember him in three years, no matter whether he was guilty or not?Reputation is an intangible thing, sounds useless, but, for example, before the battle of guandu, not many people watch the cao cao, cao cao's tide lombardi defeat cao cao to worry about the future, pursuing with them, can't help to the best of cao cao, even in part, but after the battle of guandu, Cao Caoyong own ability to prove that his military ability to fight against longer odds and means, family tilt the balance of nature in the heart began to cao cao, then, hay, talents are not missed.And liu bei, CAI persuaded, in nanyang. Nanyang satrap, satrap if it is three years ago, the city of nanyang, that's really wonderful, embroidered with a zhang nanyang is confronting with liu table for nearly 10 years, but now, even if liu table for various consideration, migration of a lot of people in the past, but today's nanyang compared to three years ago, not even a chengdu, military forces also sent three thousand only, the rest of the liu bei to figure out a way to myself.

< / p > < p > guo yuan wen yan, looked at the soldiers on the ground suffered heavy casualties, and then look at gao shun put up the strong shield wall, countless arrows constantly from behind the shield wall swept empty, as the death of screaming, mercilessly deprived of their own soldiers' lives, the face suddenly became livery."No harm, ha-ha." Guo jia shook his head and pointed to the letter.Heluo is an important channel for lubu to attract people from outside. Now the war is raging, which is very bad for the development of people's livelihood. Therefore, lubu does not want to continue fighting.洪武双雄|"I have business to attend to." Pang tong directly gave lu bu a back of the head, if others, even if lu bu did not say, the guard around me was also a knife split in the past, but at the moment, it is not strange, with lu bu side of the old man may also be able to see his own master for this ugly gentleman or very important.

洪武双雄|< / p > < p > one person under the account, not ma chao is who, toward gao shun a arch way: "the last general life!"< / p > < p > li dian wen newspaper, suspicious, but did not dare to go out of the city without authorization, sent a general, ordered them to look as close as possible, almost to the evening, the general took his troops back, angry way: "general, missed the fighter."Your father was... "Ganning hesitated to look at lu lingqi, not blame ganning ill-informed, although there was a name before, but the name of lu bu, perhaps no one knows, but who is lu lingqi, out of lu bu governance, really few people know.

Original henton in Addis and zhaoyun, gan ning escorted down jiangdong, according to the original intention, originally wants to see a jiangdong lyu3 bu4 contend with cao cao, in xuzhou, contain Cao Caoling could not have its fore and aft, unfortunately, the battle of JiZhou, lombardi perish quickly, cao lu spent two divided jizhou, not all-out war on real significance, cao cao withdraw xu, lyu3 bu4 also withdrew changan, at that time, if again to xuzhou, jiangdong to cao cao confrontation.Hearing this, yuan shang and others turned ugly and looked at all the generals. Yuan shang smiled sadly and shook his head and said, "zhang liao is a brave man."The highest official in charge of receiving emissaries from other countries, Yang fu and Lord Yang, who had been sent to the east of jiangdong. Don't you know?" The guard looked puzzled to lu xun and gu shao.洪武双雄|




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