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hebe 演员|欧泉琳美白祛斑系列"Well." Lv bu nodded: "take your troops back to ye cheng. I'm afraid the copycat has been exposed now. Cao meng DE is far from simple."The Lord should hire again. Why should I be asked to intervene in the affairs of the works department? It doesn't make sense!" Pang tong glanced at Chen gong and whispered to xu shu, "isn't the Lord talking about division of labor? What are we?"Zhaoyun forced a smile and said, "don't worry, Sir. Yun is ok. It is not the intention of duke xuande."

"Stop! Advance to a half, watched the enemy will all be out, seibel suddenly stop marching, just let the archer continually put arrows, backward array at the same time to make a pretense of being hard to fontes troops back and forth on the ferry, the pace of progress after battle array fontes camp is blocked, a camp of thought will lead to catch the ferry fontes found no wrong, will be more troops reportedly shifted."His name was gan ning, and gao shun admired him." Chen gong said.All around quickly out of a team of horses and soldiers, two people surrounded, a cold arrow will lock two people, as long as the general gave an order, two people are afraid that immediately is the end of ten thousand arrows through the heart.hebe 演员|"Go!" Lv bu's heart sank, needless to say, Chen was sure that something had happened, the distant roar is not what day thunder, like ten thousand horses galloping, at the moment also can not continue to entangle with yuan shang, with the magnificent sea and zhoucang rate army fled from the direction of yecheng, no matter what, first save your life.

hebe 演员|You are different from shi yuan. Shi yuan was arrested and you were invited. In terms of etiquette, I cannot force your loyalty to me as I did to shi yuan." Lu bu continued to laugh.Distant cao cao look ugly, guo jia tightly holding the carriage of the pole, cao jun at the moment with lu bu's slave army entwine together, casualties are also heavy, turned to look at the side of the more xi way: "yuan shang's horses also future?""No wonder so arrogant, hey, be lv bu when such age, also this standard?" Zhang fei this moment is to kill meaning big rise however, this woman, stay not to be able to!

Of course, lyu3 bu4's these happy put in the action, is more use its extremely on these girls body."The Lord can first send one of his henchmen to qingzhou to take charge of the overall situation, to appease the generals, when I military success, the Lord with the victory of the power to return, why worry qingzhou generals can not surrender? The judge smiled."Mr. Zhengnan is right." Yuan shang nodded, but feng ji just said so, even the judges and match also said so, yuan shang did not really agree, but he is very clear, he has no father's prestige now, if he does not go his own way, but will make these officials cold, now what to do is to win people's hearts.Lyu3 bu4 ignored long standing around, sitting on a horse, and zhang yan's head held high, indifferent eyes like a knife in a light swept all the army in Montenegro, as if that moment, he is not against them, but to bow down in the armed forces commander, mouth open you track: "zhang yan is dead, how to control!"hebe 演员|





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