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pta上市公司御品膳食通Like zhang he wanted to cross the river by original seibel to eight hundred lead business plugging in pu sakaguchi tianjin general, seibel now want to cross the river, how to cross a also became a problem, gao gan sent troops to the condition, to take over the ferry is occupied, although lead battalion from elite, but steps can be randome, once in the water, with zhang he original clay also makes no difference."Lord, the military advisor jia xu asked for an audience." Outside the tent, sounded zhou cang dull voice."Gentlemen, here we are." The gatekeeper led the group into a spacious wing and said, "please wait a moment and let me know."

Li ping was stunned. General hussars, isn't that the champion hou lyu3 bu? That but with yuan shao the character of equal position, he wants to ask this matter personally actually?"Create an era for my husband!" Lv bu hugged closely sable cicada, eyes flashing a touch of hao guang, spirited way."But your teacher, huang zhonghuang han sheng who followed the eldest brother of qin?" Liu biao looked at liu pan dao.pta上市公司Cao cao's tiger leopard ride?

pta上市公司There is struggling against the xi four people smell speech squealed in the heart, a lyu3 bu4 have played they don't have the strength to, today again to a martial arts are not under any one of four holds the sea, it also make a fart ah, let's go, anyway, the tetrarch has fled, three people with injured xu chu turned and ran, and also coincided with a group of allied forces in this direction, lyu3 bu4 way is blocked.Looking at lv bu's horses, cao cao shook his head and said, "now lv bu is no longer able to force the enemy. We need to pull as one. After this battle, our soldiers are already tired and need to respond and repair.

The hurried footsteps interrupted the short silence, but jiang lost came in hurriedly through the door and handed to lv bu, saying: "Lord, I just got the news that cao cao's army has crossed the Yellow River and stationed troops in liyang."Yuan shao is dead, as a minister, can do, the general has done, now ye cheng has been occupied by our army, general zhang even if you have the ability to heaven, but also escape, you have been worthy of the yuan family, this time to surrender, no one will say you negative righteousness disloyalty, I can promise you, treat yuan benchu family members. Lv bu looks at zhang he, does he hate him? Since he yi followed him, he has suffered nothing but hard work and resentment. Zhang he had just given him his death. If he did not mind, he would have been cold-blooded."Pass our army order, three army officers and men pack baggage-heavy, prepare to withdraw troops!" CAI MAO finally did not forget to button excrement basin to his own body liu bei, live tear his heart, this sentence is almost all bite the teeth jumped out.pta上市公司




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