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骆文博整容|短拆短借Chapter sixty-five levy west general"The general can see, don't self-modesty!" Marotta put his hands on the railing of YuanMen, looking at the camp in the distance, eyes flashed a touch of worry: "but I don't know what conditions Korea hence agreed to the huns, unexpectedly let the huns so use life, the five days, the huns lost foot soldiers in this, there are six or seven thousand people, Korea hence the man, is quite a few wrist.""Remember at the end of the day!" Han De smell speech, awe-inspiring, solemnly to lyu3 bu4 line a gift.

"Is he yi he man two generals.""Master but to white water qiang? I don't know how many military forces to take?" Chen palace frowned.Lyu3 bu4 is now lacking, not that kind of talent, but in the middle and even grass-roots management talent, lyu3 bu4 is slowly out of the idea of the imperial examination, but it takes a long time to accumulate and precipitate, in the short term, lyu3 bu4 still can't really break away from the bondage of the times, independent of the times.骆文博整容|"No refund!" After all, Lyu3 bu4 gritted his teeth and said, "If you retreat, the vast area of land in the West Cool will turn into a bare land." West cool is not the central plains, not so much danger to keep, if not blocked, the huns can drive straight in, even more than the west cool, even just recovered a few points of vitality harmony state will be poisoned, the price, lyu3 bu4 can't afford to pay.

骆文博整容|"Master is to let the army involved in management?" Chen palace frown way."Adult..." Yang Ding also say what, but has been cut off by Fang Jiajia."Go!" D will gun a lead, with the troops murderous toward the burning when the camp to kill.

"Poof-poof-poof ~"Giffin look dignified way: "someone in changan, bully ling and our army now under everywhere, spread rumors, seibel and wei yan, chen xing, zhang embroidery a few generals against, so that now not only changan panic, even general zhang liao also sent several times to clarify for several generals.""Unless..." Marotta looked at lyu3 bu4, face also become a little dignified.骆文博整容|





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