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邓超 羽泉|槽钢批发"Thank you, Sir. Thank you, general." Li kan was flattered."Fight with me." Lu lingqi waved her hand and let the female soldiers spread out around her. She led the silver spear down and said, "since it is called the first general of jingxiang, the skill is not bad, let me weigh you.""The last general!" The selected shi long can not help but smell speech, hurriedly in a group of robes in the eyes of admiration, lv bu received life."Go!" Lyu3 bu4 camp with a title of generals in ancient times to enter the city, scattered raindrops fall, gradually become dense, the people of the city has long been retracted their own home, such a melee is not strange to the people of this age, the underlying character, also have their way of strain, no matter who ultimately won the ownership of the city, are unlikely to slaughter the people, this time, only need to hide in the room.

"The Lord has given birth... No... I mean the lady gave birth?" Han wenyan's face flashed a light of happiness. He looked at the family member and said, "you wait, I will arrange some people to help you."Lv bu looked at the eagle, the untamed oh gas, but let lv bu quite like, reach out to touch, but was the guy pecked a bite, scared samba hurriedly kowtow.邓超 羽泉|"But, as I said, you were only selected at first, and only three hundred men for the cavalry!" Lv bu looked at these men and said in a deep voice, "only the best soldiers are qualified to enter my hussar camp.

邓超 羽泉|"Oh ~"Although guo jia is very clear yuan shao's shortcoming, but the advantage of the other side is equally obvious, at least at present, most include cao cao's family are standing in yuan shao there, perhaps can disdain, but this point, can not ignore, cao cao can not lose, even if lost a battle, is likely to collapse.

The middle-aged scribe, who was appointed by jia xu as a legalist, was not satisfied in shu. Both the rumors of the deceased and liu zhang, the current master of shu, had an attitude of rejection towards legalist schools promoted by legalist yan.The body a heavy, actually have a kind of after force not help of feeling."Back to the general, was formally established before my night owl camp since may, by general lu skill training, 31 times during combat, operational objectives are small fortress, as further force within the territory of all the righteous with the wicked by the local village mountain thief, so far, thieves, bandits attack killed mountain three thousand, gongs goods coin eighty-nine thousand." Li shuxiang poker-faced answer way.邓超 羽泉|





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