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金蝉脱壳是什么意思|脑佳佳We got a situation!If the difference in strength, it is not an ally, but a dependency relationship, Korea hence obviously don't like to live under people for a long time, and marten side strength, there is no reason to yield to Korea hence."All gone?" Lyu3 bu4 is negotiating with han de and others how to attack hanyang next, where to start, suddenly heard the news of the withdrawal of troops, some dismayed.

"Oh?""Yes.""One will be incompetent, exhausted the armed forces, you will be defeated, and defeat so thoroughly, not because you are poor, but because your general is a loser, with such a coward, do you expect them to take you to victory!" Lyu3 bu4 loudly way: "So I killed them, I lyu3 bu4 account of the general, can die in battle, can wrap up the corpse, but must not have no courage! What do I want them to do? Help me lose the city?"金蝉脱壳是什么意思|"Wen hou, I'm afraid XiaGuan can't make the decision." Chen qun bitter way.

金蝉脱壳是什么意思|Xu rong looked at lyu3 bu4 for a long time, nodded silently."Gong Ying!" Han Sui smell speech, in the heart can't help but not give up, into GongYing is his most effective subordinates, even larocca, in the heart of Korea Sui, also not as important as into GongYing.Chapter 55 Fraud (2)

Korea hence smell speech, can't help frowning, that night attack even now, Korea hence also remember, supposedly have such ability, should see that said to stick to the same as waiting for death, this kind of person didn't take advantage of their defeat to pursue, instead is to stop to make a plan to stick to, what is the purpose?"Sir Gao Yi, lyu3 bu4 admire." Lyu3 bu4 smell speech, awe-inspiring way."Here!" Two people promised to 1, is about to receive, outside the camp and a rush of hoofs, followed by a dusty west cool fighter came in.金蝉脱壳是什么意思|




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